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Software by INFONAUTICS GmbH


Since 1995 the software company INFONAUTICS GmbH develops innovative, reliable and user-friendly software for small and mid-sized companies. The software development of the Swiss based company can be divided into the following 3 fields:

Custom software for small and mid-sized companies
Software solutions
Shareware and freeware

The guiding principle of the company reads as follows:
Software Solutions – Clever. Easy. Reliable.



Custom Software 

Custom-built software solutions offer the benefit to comply with your individual requirements where standard software does not. Based on the long-time experience in software development INFONAUTICS GmbH develops customized software solutions which fit perfectly into already existing IT infrastructure and ensures that project costs remain within the agreed budget, by the agreed schedule.



Software Solutions

Among the software solutions developed by INFONAUTICS GmbH are:

Survey Software InfoWiz

The survey software InfoWiz for satisfaction analysis of various target groups as for example of customers, employees, hotel guests, patients, students etc.
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Online Reservation System

The commission-free online booking system for hotels and hotel groups.
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Directory List & Print – List, Print and Export File Listings and Directory Contents

Directory List & Print Directory List & Print enables to easily list, print file lists  and export them directly in Word or Excel. Various filter options allow to create the file and folder lists according to your individual needs.
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File Date Corrector – Restore Original Creation Date Of Your Files

Restore Original Creation Date With File Date Corrector File Date Corrector enables to easily and quickly correct the „Date Created“ and „Date Modified“ of your documentions, picture, videos and audio files and restore the original creation and modification date.
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Copy Files With Dates – Copy Files And Folders And Preserve Creation Date

Copy Files With Dates Copy Files With Dates solves quickly and easily the fundamental problem that Windows™ sets the date of copying as the new creation date of files and folders when copying files between different drives and devices and then looses the original creation dates.
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Live File Backup – Real-Time Backup Software

Live File Backup The backup software Live File Backup automatically backs up the working files in the background. Live File Backup is the automatic backup software for continous data protection between regular system backups.
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Decision Making Helper – Decision Making Tool

Decision Making Helper The decision making software Decision Making Helper helps you to make the right decision. Based on the Weighted Decision Matrix you will be asked to list and weight all available options and criteria. The playful decision making process guides you to a comprehensible and understandable decision-making.
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First Name Gender Processor – Determine the gender based on the first name

First Name Gender Processor Separate first names and last names and determine the gender and salutation based on the first name. Process Excel tables. Database with 180’000 first names
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Quick Merge for Excel™+Word™ – Mail Merge Without Puzzling Mergefields

Quick Merge Quick Merge uses the number formats of Excel for your mail merge documents exactly as they are displayed in Excel. The cumbersome and puzzling procedure of inserting {MERGEFIELD} formulas is no longer necessary.
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My Start Menu – Windows Start Menu Replacement

MyMenuExplorerBox260 My Start Menu for Microsoft Windows™ enables faster access to applications and documents. With the Windows start menu replacement My Menu Explorer you easily customize your personal start menu for Windows according to your needs.
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Super Win Menu – Alternative Windows Start Menu

Super Win Menu Alternative Windows start menu program to open programs and documents directly. With Super Win Menu the current used working environment is available immediately. There is no tiresome clicking through different folder levels anymore.
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Screen Ruler 2D – Desktop Ruler For Pixel-Accurate Measuring

Screen Ruler 2D – Desktop Ruler For Pixel-Accurate Measuring Screen Ruler 2D for Windows measures in 2 dimensions (horizontal and vertical) simultaneously. The desktop ruler comes with an integrated color picker,  a built-in magnifier and direct positioning aids allowing simply and fast pixel-accurate positing on your desktop.
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Online Desktop Presenter – Share Your Desktop Content Online

Online Desktop Presenter Transmit your screen content online via Internet or Intranet for presentations, trainings, sales conversations etc. to one or several remote Internet users. With Online Desktop Presenter your audience does not have to install any software in order to follow your online presentation.
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Screen Capture + Print  For Screenshots

screenshot-de Free screen capture software to capture screen area, full screen or single window. Depending on your needs, the screenshots can be copied to clipboard, direcly printed or the files can can be saved as images.
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