Copy Files With Dates

Copy files while preserving the creation date, the modification date and the file attributes.

Copy files while keeping the original creation date, modification date and the original attributes of the files and directories!


The program quickly and easily solves the fundamental problem that Windows™ sets the date of copying as the new creation date of files and folders when copying files between different drives and devices, and the original creation date of files and directories is lost.

All files available in the Windows File System serve as data sources, as well as all files accessible via the MTP protocol (Media Transfer Protocol) on Smartphones and Tablets (eg. Android and iPhone).


Copy Files With Dates


In addition, when files are copied in Windows, Copy Files With Dates also transfers the original last modification date and the last access date (if updated by Windows), as well as the original file attributes such as Read-only / Hidden / System / Archive / Index etc.

For the copied subdirectories in Windows, the original creation date and the original modification date as well as all existing directory attributes are also transferred to the new directories.

The program is UNICODE-compatible and can copy file names with characters from all languages.

Detailed functions of Copy Files With Dates can be found here.


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