Use Copy Files With Dates to keep the creation date of files and folders while copying.

Never again lose the creation date of files and directories when copying.


Further features at a glance:

For the Windows File System and MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) connected sources/devices like smartphones and tablets (Android and iPhone).

When copying files in Windows, Copy Files With Dates transfers not only the creation date, but also the existing last modification date and the date of last access (if updated by Windows), as well as the original file attributes such as “Read-only”, “Hidden”, “System”, “Archive”, “Index” etc.

For copied subdirectories in Windows, the original creation date and the original modification date as well as all existing directory attributes are also transferred to the new directories.

For files already existing on the target medium, you can choose whether they should be overwritten or not.

Also you can specify whether subdirectories should be copied as well, or only files from the selected directory.

Filter files and directories according to text criteria (include, exclude, wildcard placeholders).

Verify files after copying by reading and comparing the source and destination files again.

Before copying, the program calculates the size of the files to be copied, and then provides continuous information on the exact status of the copying process.

Drag & Drop for source and target directories by dragging a directory or contained file from Windows Explorer to the corresponding directory tree (Source directory / Target directory). The same applies to previously saved configuration files that are dragged onto the rest of the program window.

Save settings in configuration files and reload them.

Each copying process is documented in a log file.

Test copying process without actually copying files.

After copying, the following actions can be performed automatically: Lock, Log off, Sleep, Shut down.

The program is UNICODE-compatible and can copy file names with characters from all languages.

For special files under Windows also applies:

Encrypted files are encrypted again when they are copied to the destination disk if it supports encryption, otherwise without encryption.

Symbolic links (SymLinks) to files and directories are equally copied as symbolic links, not the linked files themselves.

The program also copies auxiliary files hidden by the system such as “Desktop.ini” and “Thumbs.db”.


Detailed information on all features can also be found in the Program Manual (PDF).


Have you already copied the files and lost the creation date? Then you can use our related product File Date Corrector to restore the creation and modification dates for most files subsequently.


System Requirements


  • Operating System Windows™ 7 / 8 / 10 / 11   (32 bit und 64 bit).
  • About 5 MB free disk space.

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Current Version 1.23
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