Make The Right Decision

Take Decsions Profoundly, Consciously And Objectively.


What job offer should you I accept?
Which car should I buy?
Which candidate should I hire?
Which apartment / house should I choose?
Shall I take the step to professional independence?


In everyday life, we regularly have to take decisions, sometimes  short-term, long-term, far-reaching and comprehensive decisions. The gut feeling and your own intuition are certainly important factors when taking decisions. However, if the decision-making is more complex and even has effects on third parties, a structured and comprehensible decision is often providing automatically the right arguments.

The software tool Decision Making Helper provides valuable support. Decision Making Helper is the decision making software in order to take decisions more easily. Taking decisions can be fun! 



How can I make the right decision?

The software tool operates on the principle of the Weighted Decision Matrix for a structured and comprehensible decision-making. The program prompts you to list all decision options available. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages what makes it difficult to take the right decision. In order to compare these advantages and disadvantages Decision Making Helper asks you in a next step to define appropriate criteria you will weigh afterwards.

For example buying a car:  There are three different car types (options) available. Besides the price there are other criteria defined such as fuel consumption, date of first registration etc. which then will be weighted and afterwards rated per option (here car). The pros and cons of the particular vehicle will become apparent.

Based on your weightings of the criteria and ratings per each decision option Decision Making Helper calculates then a decision value for each option and displays the “Result” – the “Decison”.



The benefits of Decision Making Helper are:

  • Simple use of the decision aids in one program.
  • Precise evaluation of the decision options by weighted criteria.
  • Rational decision-making, comprehensive, understandable and clear.
  • Reliable and traceable decision-making also in complex situations.
  • High degree of trust and confidence in the decision taken.
  • Good recognition of the framework conditions of a decision.
  • Comprehensive graphic representation of the decision-making.
  • Playful approach to the decision-making process.
  • Convincing instrument in order to communicate the decision confidently towards partners.


Would you like to make decisions more easily?

Download now and test for free the decision making software Decision Making Helper. 



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