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Decision Making Helper

These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) provide you with answers to the most common questions and inform you about specific subjects in addition to the actual documentation. For a general introduction please read the manual which has been installed with the software on your system or watch our video tutorial.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Ordering / Installation

  1. Questions about ordering and payment via share-it!
  2. How to enter the program license key
  3. How to update to a new version
  4. Contact Support


1. Questions about ordering and payment via share-it!
In case you may have questions regarding ordering and billing after having received the license key by email from share-it! (MyCommerce.com, Digital River) please contact the Customer Care Center at http://www.shareit.com/ccc/. Please take note that on your credit card bill the name of the vendor can be stated as “MyCommerce.com”.


2. How to enter the program license key
After purchase you will receive a license key in your name in order to activate the software. This license key will be sent to you by email and will be included in the attached file “DecisionMakingHelperKey.txt” or in the text of the email. In order to activate the program license please copy the complete license key into the license window which you can open by main menu “License / Buy” of the program Decision Making Helper. Use Ctrl-a to mark the complete license key, Ctrl-c to copy it to the clipboard, Ctrl-v to paste it to the license window. Afterwards please restart the program.


3. How to update to a new version
First close the program “Decision Making Helper”. The latest version of Decision Making Helper is always available on the appropriate product page at https://www.infonautics-software.ch/decisionmakinghelper. Please download from there the installation file as usual and overwrite your current installation. All current settings will be taken over automatically.


4. Contact / Support
Support for Decision Making Helper is available by email. Any questions will be answered within 48 hours in English or German:

Email:         decisionmakinghelper@infonautics.ch
Address:    Infonautics GmbH
                    Eichholzweg 16
                    CH-6312 Steinhausen

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