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Personal, professional and business decisions can sometimes be complex and time-consuming. And once you made a decision there still might doubts arise such as: “Was this really the right decision?” It is exactly here where the decision making tool offers great support. Decision Making Helper does not only support the decision-making process itself, but also provides an informative analysis in order to identify the conscious and transparent decision-making. The questioner becomes aware which criteria are of importance for the decision and why the decision taken makes sense. With the user-friendly software tool Decision Making Helper the decision-making becomes a child’s play without losing sight of the seriousness of the decision-making process.


Video tutorial for Decision Making Helper:

(Basic features of Decision Making Helper for Windows)


Features of the decision making tool Decision Making Helper

  • Decision-making by entering up to 300 criteria, 26 options (choices) or 1000 ratings.
  • Weighting of the criteria in 5 levels from “low” to “high”.
  • Evaluation of the criteria of each option in 10 levels, from negative “-5” over neutral “0” to positive “+5”.
  • Enter comments for each evaluation.
  • Calculation of each evaluation, in percentage terms from -100% to +100% and in words “negative / rather negative / neutral / rather positive / positive”.
  • Calculation of the decision of the best available option.
  • Graphical display as Bar Chart in order to compare the ratings of all the options.
  • Graphical display as Scatter Chart of the position of all the criteria for each option.
  • Graphical display as Radar Chart for a comparison of all the criteria and options of the entire project.
  • Tabular display as an overview of all the options, criteria and evaluations of the entire project.
  • Copying of the graphics to the clipboard and restoring them into a file (jpg, bmp, gif, tif).
  • Copying of the tables to the clipboard and storing them into a file (html, mht).
  • Direct printing of all reports.
  • Storage of each decision-making as a project into a file (dmh).
  • Data export as a tab-delimited file (txt), tabulated according to options or criteria.
  • UNICODE compatible for using text content in any language (eg. Asian languages).
  • Manual in German, English and French.
  • Free support by email in German and English.


System requirements

Operationg System: Microsoft Windows® 7 / 8 / 10 / 11  (runs on 32bit and 64bit Systems)
Main Memory RAM: about 30 MB
Program Space on Disk: about 10 MB


Free download of trial version

Decision Making Helper can be thoroughly tested before purchase. The decision making tool is available in the languges English, German and French. Download now and test for free!


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