Easily lis and print folder and directory contents in Windows with Directory List & Print

Directory List & Print

Directory List & Print – Easily List, Export and Print Folder And Directory Contents in Windows.

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Directory List & Print For Windows – Freeware And Pro Version


Directory List & Print Pro is a software for Windows and enables to list and print folder and directory contents in a most simplest way. Furthermore, the file and folder lists can be formatted, filtered and saved to several file formats as well as be further processed (delete/copy/move files). The list of files and folders can be opened directly in Microsoft Office Word™ and Excel™  and in OpenOffice / LibreOffice Writer and Calc. It can also be saved as text file, PDF file, HTML and XML tables and by copying the content to the clipboard the list can be exported into almost every other program.

Numerous selection functions and filter possibilities (meta tags as EXIF, IPTC, AUDIO, VIDEO, DOCUMENT) allow to create simply and fast your requested folder listings, lists of MP3 as well as video files and output them in the requested format.

Directory List & Print Pro is also a very helpful tool for computer forensics.


Some Examples Of Possible File Lists


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Download Directory List & Print now. The free version (Freeware) includes the basic features to list and print folder and directory contents and the Pro version (Shareware) comes with valuable interesting additional filter features, formatting options and output possibilities.  

What Our Customers Say About Directory List & Print


“WOW! The functionality you added to Directory List & Print is outstanding.  Before the enhancement you were only able to publish just the file extension.  Now Directory List & Print Pro compares the Extension to the Type Confirmed (the actual file type embedded the file itself) to determine if type of file has been changed (a technique used to hide files from Windows)!  This and the Excel Hyperlinking Output make a great tool for forensics.” 
S. Robert Radus, CPA CFE, PI, http://www.actforensic.com

“This latest update is superb – I am delighted with all the extra facilities. In particular the EXIF Image Data is brilliant for my photography needs. Congratulations to you and all your colleagues on a job well done.”
Mel Smethurst, Great Britain

“Hi. I never understood why it was easier to print a directory in DOS than Windows. Thank you for the slick program ‘Directory List & Print’. Cheers”
Tom Mathers, Canada

“Thank you so much for your help.  This is a really great program. Worth purchase price twice as I was in middle of project and needed a directory listing yesterday.  Again thanks!!
Ray Eldridge, USA

“Hi, I just needed to print a list of files and couldn’t make Windows 7 perform. A quick web search got me to your utility and it worked GREAT. Thanks much, you’ve saved me from much frustration.”
Jacques Vandenbroek, USA

“Hello, I have just downloaded and used your ‘Directory List and Print’ which is a wonderful time saver. The application was easy to download and to use. Anybody else who has thousands of files will find this program invaluable. I have 12,000 jpegs, the filenames of which I have re-captioned, and put in numerous directories. To have done this in DOS would have been a day’s work, but ‘Directory List and Print’ has done it within half-an-hour, so thank you for this invaluable program. I will recommend it to others whom I know.”
Paul Fletcher, USA

“With your program, I just view things in time order with file types and sizes, then hit ‘print!’. Simple, and very smart. Thank you for making life easier!”
Bob Taylor, USA

“Thanks VERY much for the update. Directory List & Print Pro is one of my favorite and most useful utilities. It works flawlessly and I would not want to be without it. Again, a big thank-you.”
Gord MacSwain, Canada

“A great tool is getting even better. Again hats off to your team.”
Kumar Nepa, India

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