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Modifications and Improvements 


Directory List & Print offers extensive possibilities to list, print and export your file and folder lists, your MP3, audio and video file lists according to your demands, including automation features for file management.

On this page we inform you about the current extensions and improvements of the latest and previous versions of Directory List & Print.


Improvements in the Current Version:


  • New: Display of thumbnails of Revit files (rvt, rfa, rft, rte).
  • New: Display of path inter-titles without base directory (relative).


Modifications/Improvments in the Previous Versions (newest listed first):


  • New: Display of the file information “VIDEO: Long Description”.
  • New: Display of the file information “VIDEO Movie Episode”, “VIDEO Movie Episode Title”.


  • New: Display of the color type of PDF and common image files (color, grayscale, b/w).
  • New: Display of EXIF file information “Exposure compensation”, “Exposure mode”, “Metering mode”, “Flash mode”.


  • Solved: A problem with latest Apple DNG files was fixed (program abruptly quit).


  • Fixed: A problem with Apple MOV files fixed (program was blocked).
  • Improved: Display of country-specific decimal points for decimal GPS coordinates.


  • New: Display of the file information “DOCUMENT Total Editing Time” for WORD documents.
  • New: Display of the file property “PROPERTY Total Editing Time” for WORD documents.
  • New: Selection of the display format for directory size in the directory overview as “Bytes, KiB, MiB, GiB” and “Automatic”.
  • New: Display of a column “Name of directory (without full path)”.
  • Improved: When printing an Excel table, the column titles can/will also stay on each individual page.


  • New: Display of the file information “File availability (always, local, online-only)”.
  • New: Display of the XMP tags “Subject” and “Headline”.
  • Improved: Display of Email tags in EML and MSG files.
  • Corrected: Output of file links with $ characters in the file name to Word and Excel.


  • Adjustments for Windows 11.
  • Optimized: Faster startup behavior with the current Windows Defender.
  • Improved: Consecutive and indexed numbering now without leading zeros.
  • Improved: Never ask for confirmation when running in batch mode because of large number of files.


  • New: Display of Windows tag “People” or “Persons”.
  • New: Display of image tag “Model of interchangeable lens”.
  • New: Display of video tags “Format general”, “Format of video #1” and “Format of audio #1”.
  • New: Support for Canon Raw CR3.


  • Various minor improvements.


  • New: Second separate text filter (to include and exclude file filters at the same time).
  • New: Display of DOCUMENT tags “Manager” and “Company”.
  • New: Additional file checksums SHA256 and SHA512.
  • New: Display of free space of the current drive.


  • New: For transparent PNG files the background can be set yourself (instructions page 17).
  • New: Size and position of the program window will be restored on restart.
  • Improved: Various hints for problematic output situations.


  • New: Adjust the column specifications yourself: column title, maximum column width, fixed column width with word-wraping for output in Microsoft Office Excel™ and OpenOffice Calc.
  • New: Store information per file of the file list in text files with the same name. Each text file contains the contents of the columns line by line (column title TAB content). Also available for batch execution.
  • New: Display of the volume name of the current drive.
  • Improved: Display of international decimal separators for some values for audio, video and documents.
  • Improved: Consistent naming of size specifications with KiB / MiB / GiB (factor 1024), instead of KB / MB / GB.


  • New: Display detail information for binary documents DOCB and XLSB.
  • New: Display of XMP tags “Credit” and “URL Webstatement”.
  • New: Display of IPTC tag “Credit”.
  • New: Display of AUDIO and PROPERTY tag “Initial Key”.


  • New: For printing and PDF output, the page margins can be adjusted and a title line and footnote can be defined (with time variables and page numbers).
  • New: Display of file size of files with automatic range selection (Bytes, KB, MB, GB).
  • Improved: Always displaying numerical values with locally set decimal signs and thousands separators, with the additional option of explicitly displaying the numerical values in other international formats. (In Excel, the numbers are always displayed according to the Excel settings, so that they retain their numerical function.)


  • UNICODE compatibility.
  • File and directory names can now also contain Unicode characters from mixed foreign language regions (Western, Cyrillic, Greek, Asian).
  • All output formats now also support Unicode characters for mixed foreign language regions. (Exception: Direct PDF output does not yet support Asian characters; in this case please output the lists via a PDF printer driver.)


  • Various improvements in tag detection.


  • New: Output of thumbnails also for videos and audio files (embedded covers).
  • Improved: Significantly faster thumbnail creation for images.
  • Improved: The size of the thumbnails can be adjusted by yourself.
  • Improved: Detection of the orientation of JPG files (horizontal / vertical).
  • New: Selection of all tags of a group (columns to be displayed) by double-clicking on the group title.
  • Adjustments for the latest Windows Update (Windows 10 Update 1909).


  • Minor improvements.


  • New: Display detail information for HEVC video files.
  • New: Display detail information for HEIC / HEIF image files.
  • New: Display image count of multipage TIFF image files.


  • Improved: Date recognition in XMP TIFF files.
  • Corrected: Rotation of thumbnails was not always set correctly.


  • New: Display of tag “Content Status” (Office documents and file properties).
  • Adjustments for the latest Windows update (Windows 10 Update 1903).


  • Improved: Date detection in iPhone video files (MOV).
  • Improved: Dealing with very large lists. Much larger file lists can be created much faster. (Nevertheless, some output file formats have size limitations and the reading of metadata from files can not be significantly accelerated. To display very large Excel spreadsheets, the 64bit version of Excel is required.)


  • New: Display of the readability of PDF documents: “Text” or “Image” (content only available as image).


  • New: Display of page size of documents (PDF, WORD, WRITER): columns “DOCUMENT Page Format” (paper size and orientation), “DOCUMENT Page Width” (cm, inch), “DOCUMENT Page Height” (cm, inch).


  • Corrected: Display of audio tag “AUDIO Bit Rate Kbps”.


  • Improved: Hyperlinks if outputting to a file “Excel XLSX Workbooks 2007-2019”.


  • New: The actions “Delete, Copy, Move” can be disabled individually via the registry.


  • New: Display of Audio tag “Album Artist”.
  • Changed: Direct Excel hyperlink integration with implicit links instead of the formula HYPERLINK().
  • Improved: Display of the duration of media files in Excel, if a special format is set.
  • Improved: Display of “Owner” of subdirectories.


  • New: Creation of “Excel XLSX Workbooks 2007-2019” without Microsoft Excel™ installed (including file and directory linking and thumbnails of images).
  • New: Display the effective size of files on the disk (Byte, KiloByte).
  • New: When outputting to clipboard and editor, any field separator can be selected.
  • New: Option to remove closing characters “\” from directory names.
  • Improved: Display meta information of raw photo files.
  • Improved: Display of the original recording date of audio files (MP3, ID3v2).
  • Adjustments for the latest Windows update (Windows 10 Update 1809).


  • New: Display document tags of MS-Office templates: xlsm, xltx, xltm, docm, dotx, dotm, pptm, potx, potm.
  • Improved: Display document tags of emails: From, To, Subject, Date.
  • Improved: Program icon now contains bigger sizes until 256 x 256 pixels.


  • New: Display of EXIF-Tags  XP-Comment, XP-Title, XP-Subject, XP-Keywords, XP-Author.
  • Improved: Display of large text contents in columns when outputting to EXCEL, CALC, HTML.


  • Minor improvements.
  • Adjustments for the latest Windows update (Windows 10 Update 1803).


  • Corrected: The thumbnail images were used in new versions of Excel only as a link to the original file, instead of being saved as complete images in the Excel file.


  • New: Video tag “VIDEO Audio Tracks” showing the details of all available audio tracks:
    language, channel count, room position, audio format, sampling rate, bit depth, bit rate.
  • New: Video tag “VIDEO Subtitle Tracks” showing the details of all subtitle tracks:
    language, subtitle format.


  • New: The number of files displayed per directory can be limited.
  • New: Display of the video tag “Album”.
  • Improved: Video tags “Keywords”, “Description”, “Artists”.


  • Various small improvements.


  • New: Display detail information for email files EML and MSG: Subject, From, To, Date, Software.
  • New: Display of IPTC tag “Special Instructions”.
  • Improved: Reading of IPTC tag “SubLocation”.
  • Improved: In HTML output, not only the STYLE section can be adjusted, but also all other sections such as HEAD, SCRIPT and BODY.


  • New: Display of file access rights for users (for administrators if the program was started with administrator rights).
  • New: Display of date/time and file size even for files for which there is no read permission.
  • New: Display detail information for additional raw image files: ERF (Epson), ARW (Sony Alpha), RW2 (Panasonic), PEF (Pentax), SRW (Samsung), MRW (Minolta).
  • New: When copying/moving files, optionally, as well as the original date of the files, the dates of the directories are also transferred.


  • New: Display of link targets for Internet and file shortcuts (URL and LNK files).
  • New: Linking of file shortcuts (URL and LNK files) in Excel, Calc, HTML.
  • New: Display detailed information for ORF files (Olympus RAW images).
  • New: Display metadata of ‘composers’ (file properties).


  • New: Option to completely hide directories without content to be displayed.
  • New: Display detailed information for RAF files (Fujifilm RAW).
  • Improved: Reading of metadata for Panasonic MTS video files.
  • Some improvements when reading EXIF meta data.


  • New: EXIF GPS position data such as time stamp, altitude relating to sea level, latitude (as decimal degrees or formatted as degrees / minutes / seconds), longitude (as decimal degrees or formatted as degrees / minutes / seconds).
  • New: Google Maps link (customizable) based on the EXIF GPS position data.
  • New: The header in the file list remains visible when scrolling.
  • Changed: Symbolic links in the directory structure are no longer automatically followed, but can be reactivated manually in the settings.
  • Improved: Massively improved speed when creating large directory overview lists.
  • Improved: PDF date recognition for 4-digit annual figures.
  • Improved: IPTC-Copyright for TIFF images.
  • Corrected: Output could drop data when the first column is empty.
  • Various small improvements.


  • New: Outputting XMP meta information (Adobe) for images: Title, Description, Creator, Source, Writer, Date created, Time created, Date modified, Time modified, Format, Preserved File Name.


  • New: Creation of thumbnails (preview images) for file types JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF, BMP if outputting to HTML, Excel™ and Calc. The thumbnails are rotated according to the embedded EXIF ​​information. Excel and Calc can handle up to 3000 thumbnails in a table, the browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome up to 20’000 embedded thumbnails in a HTML file.
  • New: The eight most recently used configuration files are listed in the file menu (latest on the top).
  • Improved: The action Copy/Move files displays a second progress bar for each file.
  • Improved: In the action Copy/Move files the creation date of the source file can also be transfered to the modification date of the target file.
  • Improved: For hyperlinking of files in the output (HTML, Excel, Calc) now also the file name without path is sufficient.
  • Improved: When output to Excel, unused cells are no longer unnecessarily formatted as text.


  • Improved: Sort by duration of media files.


  • Show dates back to the year 1601 (Windows-Explorer lists dates from 1980 only).
  • Read the title from HTML pages (<Title> tag).


  • Highly increased speed when listing files on network drives with basic information only.


  • Date and time of last access (if tracked by the operating system).
  • Output the list as XLS file in “Excel XML Spreadsheet 2003” format (also without installed Excel available), which can be opened by Excel and Calc. Including hyperlinking of files and directories, if desired. Also available as scripting option.


  • Corrected: A translation error prevented writing data into CALC if the system language was different from German.


  • Open the list directly in OpenOffice / LibreOffice Writer and Calc (and other closely related applications).
  • Change Editor program for text output (instead of Notepad).
  • Improved reading of meta information of Recorded and Encoded date for MTS files, AVCHD, H264, M2TS (Sony).
  • Improved reading of meta information of Rating tag for AAC and M4A files.


  • Output the list as comma- or semicolon-delimited CSV file.
  • Display detailed information for SWF video format.
  • Display detailed information for CDA Compact Disc Audio format.
  • Display detailed information for DSF Digital Stream Files with ID3 tags.
  • Improved display of duration for MP3 files with variable bit rate and no meta information.
  • Additional display of personal rating for audio files.
  • Improved display of IPTC tag for Source, Editor, Date created and By-Line.
  • Action: Possibility to keep the original creation date when copying and moving files.


  • Display details of video files MXF (Sony).
  • New column “Video encoded” (often better used than “Video recorded”).
  • New column to number files per subdirectory.
  • Improved column “Video application”.
  • Several other minor improvements.


  • Added AUDIO meta tag: Bit Depth (bits per sample).


  • Verification of the file type based on the file signature of the content.
  • Display of the file type confirmed by the signature, alternatively suspected file types.
  • Display of confirmed and suspected file types in plain text.
  • In the file list double-click on files and folders to open them directly.


  • Improved directories overview table: The size, number of folders and number of files are displayed per single directory and cumulated over all its subdirectories.


  • Display details of video files 3GP.
  • Program interface starts faster and does not need external symbol fonts anymore.
  • Error messages are not automatically copied to the clipboard anymore.


  • Wildcards placeholders ? and * in the filter of file types and file names/paths available.
  • Improved font size adjustment when printing a list if the screen enlargement is set to 125% or more.


  • Display of additional file properties according to Windows Explorer like Authors, Date taken, Date acquired, Copyright, Program name, Contributing artists, Album, Genre, Year, Track, Length, Pages, Slides, Word count, Content created, Date last saved.
  • Reading file information of Open Document file formats (Open Office, Libre Office, Google Docs, IBM Docs etc.).
  • Optimized time zone calculations for documents displaying consistently local time instead of UTC/GMT.


  • Display of file properties according to Windows Explorer like title, subtitle, subject, rating, tags, categories, comments.
  • Optimized time zone calculations considering daylight saving time.
  • Improved conversions of umlauts found in title and description tags.


  • Minor improvements.


  • New VIDEO meta tags: Genre, Artists, Rating, Law Rating.
  • Improved VIDEO meta tags: Director, Producer, Publisher.
  • Improved filter for the length of file names and directory names (new).


  • Fixed error in the filtering of file types (did not list any files if applicable).


  • Improved HTML output.
  • Improved table of directory totals with indents and names without paths.


  • Improved filter to include or exclude files and directories by certain terms, AND and OR connectable.
  • Improved filter to include or exclude files by attributes (Archive, Read Only, Hidden, System, Compressed, Encrypted, Temporary, Sparse File, Reparse Point / Symbolic Link, Offline, Not Indexed).
  • Improved display of file attributes (Archive, Read Only, Hidden, System, Compressed, Encrypted, Temporary, Sparse File, Reparse Point / Symbolic Link, Offline, Not Indexed).


  • Improved filter for file names.
  • Minor improvements.


  • Automatic updating of the program to the latest version (when selecting the appropriate menu item).


  • Improved “DpI awareness”, does now properly display with Windows screen scaling over 100%.
  • Setting to allow column width without predefined maximal limitation.
  • Added display of “VIDEO Bit Rate Kbps” in addition to “Mbps”.
  • Display the thousands separator with commas instead of apostrophe, if a comma is set as thousands separator in the system.
  • Excel column formatting with a decimal comma instead of a decimal point, if a comma is set as decimal separator in the system.


  • New action to replicate the listed directory structure without copying any files.
  • New search function to find a string in the file list.
  • New functions to save and reload complete program settings to/from a configuration file.
  • Set home directory and configuration file by drag & drop to the program window.
  • New program automation by starting the program with startup parameters: home directory, configuration file, output creation (clipboard, notepad, print, PDF file, HTML file, WORD file, EXCEL file, TEXT file, CSV file XML file).
  • Improved context menu for the file list: “Copy selected line to clipboard”, “Copy selected field to clipboard”, “Show properties of selected object”, “Open directory containing selected object”, “Open or start selected object”.
  • Display details of video files M4A, M4B
  • Several other minor improvements.


  • Fixed for Excel output: column width partly to large.
  • New EXIF meta tags: focal length, shutter speed, aperture f-stop, sensitivity ISO, color space.
  • New context menu for the file list: “Everything to clipboard”.


  • Added many new Meta Tags for EXIF, IPTC, AUDIO, VIDEO, DOCUMENTS (please see website for details).
  • Added tab “Columns” to select and reorder the columns of the list.
  • Added PDF output (page size is adjusted automatically up to A0).
  • Added column aligning with blanks for outputting to Notepad-editor.
  • Improved rendering and appearance of the generated file list.
  • Improved progress indication during output generation.
  • Improved speed outputting to Word and Excel.
  • Improved speed for various functions.
  • Output generation is now interruptible (also for Word and Excel).
  • Several other minor improvements.

Previous improvements (most recent on top):

  • Display details of video files M2T.
  • Output of HTML table with absolute Windows file paths for local use or with relative addresses for the web server.
  • Display of file size changeable from Byte to KiloByte, MegaByte, GigaByte.
  • Fixed XML output (& character displayed incorrectly).
  • Fixed the selection of duration sorting.
  • Date output in Excel is now an active numeric date value instead of text and can be reformated accordingly.
  • Sort files/directories by name in NATURAL order (like Windows Explorer).
  • Sort files/directories by name in ASCII order.
  • File checksums expanded next CRC32 to MD5 and SHA1.
  • Display of the owner of files and directories.
  • New installation program (portable version still available).
  • Installer and program are digitally signed now.
  • Display details of video files M4V and audio files AAC AC3 DTS.
  • Refresh button for explorer tree.
  • Action module: file deletion can be prevented by a registry entry.
  • Action module: further processing of the files in the file list with a preview of the intended processing. Listed files can be deleted, moved to the Recycle Bin, copied and moved to another destination directory. Already existing files in the target directory can be overwritten or not. The directory structure will be taken over in the destination directory.
  • Display and filter for file attributes of encrypted files (EFS, BitLocker).
  • Sort files by duration of Audio/Video files.
  • Show optional dates in directory overview “Show directory totals only”.
  • Set filter on audio/video/image properties (Width, Height, BitDepth, Resolution DpI, FrameRate FpS, BitRate KBpS, SamplingRate KHz, Duration in Seconds).
  • Display details of video files ‘Flash Video’ (flv).
  • Display details of video files ‘MPEG Transport Stream’ (ts).
  • Display details of video files ‘AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition)’ (mts).
  • Italian language version.
  • Keep the setting of directory ‘Levels’.
  • Display details of video files ‘Blueray MPEG-2 Transport Stream’ (m2ts).
  • Display duration of media files in full minutes ‘’ and ‘mm’.
  • Display of the time in many different international formats.
  • Sort files by name, size, date/time, ascending/descending.
  • Extension of the XML output for directories with information on the size and number of files.
  • Extension of the XML output for files with information for size and all other file information.
  • Setting to show the HTML output by the default browser instead of using the Internet Explorer.
  • Set filter to certain file size range.
  • Set filter to include or exclude files by date range, date created or modified.
  • Set filter to include or exclude files by attributes (archive, read-only etc.).
  • Display of bit rate for video files.
  • Windows 8 compatibility.
  • Dutch language version.
  • Creation date and time for files and directories.
  • Display of file version and program name for executables (exe, dll).
  • Hyperlinking of files and directories in HTML output.
  • Output the list as HTML table (font and color etc. customizable).
  • Output the list as XML file.
  • Display of title of document files (pdf,doc,docx,xls,xlsx,ppt,pptx).
  • Display of extent of document files if possible (pdf,doc,docx,xlsx,pptx).
  • Display details of additional video files DIVX/XVID.
  • Display Dots per Inch (DPI) for image files (both horizontal and vertical if different).
  • Display details of additional video files Matroska MKV/MKA/MKS.
  • Listing optimized when using the option ‘Show directory totals only’ together with filters.
  • Alternate time formats for displaying the duration of media files.
  • Option to remember last directory selected and reopen it on program start.
  • Free sizable window including maximizing/minimizing.
  • Adjust the Excel function for hyperlinks to own language area.
  • Set filter on length of filenames, eg. to analyze the file system when copying it to a new directory structure (path+filename, filename only, >, =, <).
  • Improved display of dimensions like width, height, bit depth for many new image formats and versions.
  • Drag & Drop of directories (or a file) from Windows Explorer.
  • Selection of directories by entering the path as a text string.
  • Better usability with repeated directory selection by the context menu.
  • Display of extended format information for audio/video and image files.
  • Display of dimensions like width, height, bit depth or frames/s.
  • Display of sampling and bit rates for audio files.
  • Update file list automatically or manually.
  • Calculate CRC32 checksums for files.
  • Set filter to include or exclude files and directories by certain terms.
  • Fixed: incomplete path in filenames in recursive sub-directory listings.
  • Remove path subtitles in listings if requested.
  • Possibility to press ESC to cancel long lasting list processing.
  • Direct selection of important system directories like “My Documents” etc.
  • Recursive sub-directory listing.
  • Indication of number of entries of files and directories in the list.
  • Automatic saving of display options when exiting the program.
  • Start program with a directory path as a parameter.
  • Integration of “Open in Directory List & Print” in the directory context menu of Windows Explorer.
  • Open directory listing directly in Microsoft Word™ und Excel™.
  • Remove file extensions if requested.


Suggestions For Future Updates

Do you have any suggestions for future updates of Directory List & Print Pro? Please contact us at and inform us about your wishes and requests. We look forward to hearing from you.

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