Read Metadata of Photos and Display Relating GPS Coordinates Directly on Google Maps.


When taking pictures and having the GPS function enabled on your phone or camera, the photos will contain the geolocation information of your recording location. This data lets you know at any time where in the world you have taken your pictures.

Directory List & Print Pro enables you to create and print a list of your photos including the GPS meta information. For this purpose, Directory List & Print Pro reads the GPS position data such as longitude, latitude and altitude from the metadata of your images. Using these coordinates, Directory List & Print Pro calculates the position in Google Maps and creates the corresponding link.

In the preview of Directory List & Print Pro, you can click directly on the Google Maps link to see where your photos were taken. A double click on the name of the image file opens a thumbnail of your photo. The same applies to the lists in the output formats Microsoft Office Excel, OpenOffice/LibreOffice Calc and HTML. 

It is as simple as shown in the following video:

1. Choose Directory

Select the desired folder with your photos in the “Directory” tab.

Select folder with desired photos
Read Exif GPS data from your photos

2. Read Meta Information from The Pictures

Now you can select the GPS meta information such as latitude and longitude, altitude and the corresponding link to Google Maps and add the data to your list.

3. Open Directly Photos or Google Maps via Double Click

Then, in your file list you can double-click a desired photo or the corresponding link to Google Maps in order to directly open them.

Open in the preview directly photos and links to Google Maps
Output format in Excel and HTML table

4. Output File Lists in Excel or HTML

Under “Output” select the option “Hyperlinks” and in your Excel, Calc or HTML table you can additionally open the respective image or call up its position in Google Maps.

Download and test Directory List & Print now for free. Create file and directory listings of your photos, including meta information such as EXIF and IPTC tags, quickly and easily.