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Modifications and Improvements 

File Date Corrector for Windows enables you to easily and fast change and correct file dates of your documents, pictures, videos and audio files.

On this page we inform you about the current enhancements and improvements of the latest and previous versions of File Date Corrector.


Improvements in the current version:


  • Solved: A problem with latest Apple DNG files has been fixed (program quit abruptly).
  • Improved: Various new image formats are supported.


Modifications/Improvments In The Previous Versions (most recent on top):


  • Improved: Reading the date from OpenOffice files has been improved.


  • Fixed: A problem with Apple MOV files fixed (program was blocked).


  • Adjustments for Windows 11.
  • Optimized: Faster startup behavior with the current Windows Defender.
  • Improved: Dialog windows at high screen magnification (> 125%).
  • Various improvements.


  • Improved: Date detection for some rarer PDF formats.
  • Improved: Date detection for some rarer TIFF formats.
  • Fixed: Correct detection of two-digit years before 2000 if a general date format with only two-digit year is set in Windows.
  • Minor impovements.


  • New: Microsoft Office binary formats .DOCB and .XLSB are processed (date “Created” and “Modified”).
  • New: Selection of the same date of “Created” and “Modified” to simply move it in time.
  • New: Creation of a log file for the actually applied corrections.
  • New: Size and position of the program window will be restored on restart.


  • New: Canon CR3 files are processed (date “Created”).
  • Improved: Date recognition for DNG files.


  • New: HEVC files are processed (date “Created”).
  • New: The PDF output of the file list now also supports Greek and Cyrillic characters.
  • Improved: Date recognition for Canon video files (AVI).


  • Minor impovements.


  • New: HEIC/HEIF files are processed (date “Created”).


  • Adjustments for the latest Windows update (Windows 10 Update 1903).


  • Improved: Date recognition for video files of iPhones (MOV).


  • Improved: Date recognition for video files (AVI etc.).


  • New: Automatic sorting of the directory selection.
  • Improved: MP3 files, recording date and time (tag ID3 TDRC).
  • Adjustments for the latest Windows update (Windows 10 Update 1809).


  • New: MS Office template files are processed: dotx, dotm, xltx, xltm, potx, potm.


  • Minor improvements.
  • Adjustments for the latest Windows update (Windows 10 Update 1803).


  • New: EML files (eMail) are processed (date “Created”).
  • New: MSG files (Outlook) are processed (date “Created”).
  • Improved: Reading meta information from PDF files.


  • New: Adjusting of the directory date according to the oldest / youngest content, i.e. the creation date is set according to the oldest file date “Created” found in the child directory structure, the modification date is set according to the latest found file date “Changed” or “Created”.
  • New: Reading meta information from the following raw image formats:
    ERF (Epson), ARW (Sony Alpha), RW2 (Panasonic), PEF (Pentax), SRW (Samsung), MRW (Minolta).
  • Improved: Display on high-resolution monitors.


  • New: ORF files (Olympus raw images) are processed (dates “Created” and “Modified”).


  • Improved: Reading the recording and encoded date of MTS files (AVCHD, H264) if the video was recorded with a Panasonic camera.


  • New: XMP files (sidecar files for images) are processed (dates “Created” and “Modified”).
  • Improved: The creation date of PNG images is also processed if it has been added manually in the properties dialog of Windows Explorer.


  • New: RAF files (Fujifilm raw images) are processed (dates “Created” and “Modified”).


  • Minor improvements reading original creation dates from images.


  • Extract correction dates from filenames using flexible date and time formats.
  • More flexible selection and prioritization of sources of metadata and other dates.
  • Improved progress display with a large number of corrections.
  • Small adjustments for the latest Windows update (Windows 10 Creators Update 1703).
  • Various minor improvements.


  • New: Meta information for “Created” and “Modified” can be assigned cross-wise.
  • New: PNG meta information of PNG image files are processed (dates “Created” and “Modified”).
  • Improved: XMP meta data (Adobe) of image files are processed (date “Modified”).
  • New: Files can be individually selected and unselected in the file list for intended corrections, same for whole subdirectories or the entire file list (please see program manual).


  • Save current file list: as PDF print file, EXCEL table, TEXT file with tabs or semicolons as separators.


  • Dealing with date settings back to the year 1601 (with NTFS file system).
  • Manual time setting accurate to the second (instead of just the minute).
  • For audio and music files, also convert UTC time information to local time when UTC meta information is available.
  • Possibility to shift the correction date by any time difference.
  • FLAC format additionally supports European time format (31.12.2000 15:00:00).
  • WAVE format supports IDA tag TDAT in European time format (31.12.2000 15:00:00).
  • Support for M4A and MP4 audio.
  • French version of File Date Corrector.


  • Fixed: PDF creation and modification dates were missing in certain situations.


  • Fixed: The font was not scaled correctly if the display was magnified on a monitor with very high resolution (DPI awareness).


  • Fixed: The settings were not always saved correctly.


  • Improved reading of the creation date and the encoded date for MTS files (AVCHD, H264, Sony).
  • For files without useful meta information, the last modification date can optionally be used as the creation date.
  • For files without useful meta information, the current creation date can optionally be used as the modification date.
  • At program exit all settings are stored now.


  • Added new video format: MXF (Sony).
  • Fixed an error:  IPTC information was missing for the file date “modified”.

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