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File Date Corrector enables to easily restore the original file dates and correct the date “Created” and date “Modified”. The Windows program is extracting the necessary information from metadata embedded in the files and then corrects the creation and modification date of your documents, pictures, videos and audio files. 

Download now the free demo version. The freely available demo version displays the applicable corrections in a preview. For the effective execution of the date corrections the full version is required. 


The installable version of File Date Corrector is available for download in the following languages:

Download File Date Corrector  and restore original file date.French Download File Date Corrector  and restore original file date. English Download File Date Corrector  and restore original file date.  German 


A portable version without an installation procedure is also available in the following languages:

Downloadr File Date Corrector in FrenchFrench Download File Date Corrector in English English Download File Date Corrector in German  German

The software is digitally signed, 100% clean and does not contain any advertisement or third-party software.

File Date Corrector does not require any administration rights for installation. When installing or uninstalling the software no modifications to your operating system will be made.  

Should File Date Corrector not meet your expectations, you can easily uninstall the software again. 


System Requirements For File Date Corrector

  • Microsoft Windows™ 7 / 8 / 10 (32bit and 64bit).
  • About 15 MB disk space.


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Current Version 1.48
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