Use First Name Gender Processor to analyze names and determine gender and salutation

Always find the right gender-specific salutation for personalized mailings.


Further features at a glance:

No need to upload sensitive data to any website at all.

Based on the first name, determine the gender and the appropriate form of salutation.

Database with over 180’000 first names based on Latin letters.

Separate first names and surnames, even for difficult mixed names like “Mr. Prof. Dr. John P. Armstrong-Miller III”.

Intelligently separate mixed name parts such as first names, last names, titles (Prof., Dr. …), prefixes (Mr., Ms. …) and suffixes (II, III, IV, Junior …) and store them separately.

The program runs under Windows™ and processes Excel™ tables.

Flexible selection of the source and destination columns of Excel tables.

Preview the results before saving them.

Save the results to the same input table, another table or an empty table.

Save and reload settings in configuration files.

The program is UNICODE-compatible and can handle file names with characters from all languages.

Drag & Drop for Excel and configuration files without using file selection dialogs.

Program start with parameters for batch processing of configuration files.


Detailed information on all features can also be found in the Program Manual (PDF).


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System Requirements


  • Operating System Windows™ 7 / 8 / 10 / 11   (32 bit und 64 bit).
  • Microsoft Excel™ from version 2007 and newer.
  • About 10 MB free disk space.

Change Language


Current Version 1.12
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