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Download the Windows start menu replacement  My Start Menu and create your personal clear menu structure with your preferred menu folders.  Download the program now and test it during 30 days for free.

My Start Menu – Windows Start Menu Replacement


Are you looking for a Windows start menu replacement?  With My Start Menu for Windows you save much time and are able to work more efficiently in your daily routine with Windows. This is how it works:

  • Customize your personal start menu for Windows according to your needs.
  • Save yourself the unnecessary and tedious clicking through the menu structure by Windows.
  • Start or open the requested application or document on a significantly more direct way.
  • Are you looking for a specific application or document? Take advantage of the fast search feature within all menu folders and recently opened documents.
  • Enhance your daily productivity with the smart Windows start menu replacement My Start Menu.

The Windows start menu replacement My Start Menu combines valuable features of a customizable start menu with the familiar user interface of Windows Explorer without changing the default Windows start menu. Once installed, you do not want to miss this helpful tool anymore.  

My Start Menu - Your Personal Windows Start Menu

Create Your Personal Windows Start Menu 

Create your personal menu structure with your preferred and most useful menu folders. No administration rights are needed for installation. Your original Windows menu will not be modified.  

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Easy Menu Enhancement 

Simply enhance your personal start menu with additional objects such as programs, documents, files, folders, disk drives, network drives and web addresses by drag & drop, copy/paste or shortcut wizard.

My Start Menu allows you to rename, move, copy or delete single  objects in your personal start menu, pin them to your task bar or include them in your bookmark list.

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Start Menu Enhancement by Drag and Drop
Bookmark Menu Items in My Start Menu for Windows


Do you work regularly with the same programs or documents? Create your own bookmarks to list all all these applications and documents in a separate folder  in your personal start menu for Windows.

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Choose the way you want to display the various objects, either with  large icons or as a list with small icons.

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Display of My Start Menu for Windows
Fast Search Function of My Start Menu For Windows

Fast Search Function

Don’t you remember where you dropped an application or a certain document within your menu structure? With the included search function of My Start Menu you will find the requested program or document immediately.

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Direct Access To System Functions

My Start Menu for Windows allows you direct access to system functions such as Windows Explorer,  Windows Control Panel, Printer, Task Manager, Run and Shutdown.

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Direct Access to System Functions
Recently Started Objects and Opened Documents

Recently Started and Opened

With the two lists “Recently Started Objects” and “Recently Opened Documents” you have immediate access to your recently used objects and documents.

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Learn more about the basic features of My Start Menu in our video tutorial and download now the Windows start menu replacement for free testing during 30 days. 

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