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My Start Menu is the  alternative start menu  for Microsoft Windows™ enabling you instant access to applications, recently opened documents, folders, drives and websites. The user interface is similar to the familiar Windows Explorer. Once an object has been started the opened menu folders remain open. New programs and other objects can simply be added by drag & drop or via the shortcut wizard. Various system functions such as Windows Explorer and Control Panel can be opened directly via corresponding icons. In addition, a search function and a bookmark list as well as a list of recently launched programs and of recently opened documents enable an even faster access to the programs and documents. With the easy user interface and the permanent presence of the program window of My Start Menu the operation of your PC is much easier, faster and can be much better customized to your needs. Learn in our blog post how to increase your productiviy with My Start Menu.

By using My Start Menu the default Windows start menu will not be changed in any way.


Video Tutorial

Basic Features of the alternative Windows start menu My Start Menu.
(The former “My Menu Explorer” is now called “My Start Menu”)



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Preview My Start Menu - Display with large icons
Preview My Start Menu - Display as list with small icons


Features of My Start Menu

  • Easy user interface similar to the familiar Windows Explorer.
  • Instant access to the linked objects such as applications, documents, folders, drives, websites.
  • Area ‘My Own Menu’ with its own menu structure and own links to the objects.
  • Area ‘Windows Menu’ showing the original menu structure of Windows start menu.
  • Possibility to add objets to your personal start menu by Drag & Drop, copy/paste or via the shortcut wizard.
  • Automatic creation of correct links to programs, documents, files, folders, drives, network drives, Internet addresses.
  • Display of the ‘Recently Started Objects‘ (hold-back time adjustable).
  • Display of the ‘Recently Opened Documents’ (erasable).
  • Quick search within all menu folders and recently opened documents (adjustable).
  • Possibility to add objects and documents to a bookmark list for even faster access.
  • Direct access to system functions such as Windows Explorer, Control Panel, Printers, Task Manager, Run, Shutdown.
  • Activation of the program window by an icon pinned to the taskbar or by a desktop icon.
  • Activation of the program window by mouse movement (mouse gesture).
  • Area ‘My Own Menu’ can be assigned to a self-defined directory.
  • Display of objects as large icons or as a list with small icons.
  • Fast opening and closing of all menu folders.
  • Installable with installer (default) or also useable without installation (version without installation).
  • Documentation and free email support in English and German.


System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows™ 7 / 8 / 10 / 11   (32bit and 64bit).
  • About 10 MB disk space.




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