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Quick Merge for Excel™+Word™ is offered as shareware and requires a license key for regular operation. The software can be tested with all functions free of charge before purchase. Without entering a license key, the creation of a mail merge document is limited to 5 documents.

The license is non-expiring and valid for all future updates.

Quick Merge für Excel™+Word™ is available in the following 3 different license types:

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Single (1 PC)

The software can be installed on one PC. For any further PC an additional license is required. The license refers to the name of the user.

 USD 20 / EURO 18

Buy now Quick Merge für Excel™+Word™

Business (10 PCs)

The software can be installed on up to 10 PCs within the same company. The license refers to the name of the company.

 USD 80 / EURO 72

Buy now Quick Merge for Excel™+Word™

Corporate (11+ PCs) **

Within the same company the program can be installed on an unlimited number of PCs. The license refers to the name of the company.

USD 180 / EURO 162

Buy now Quick Merge for Excel™+Word™

** For public enterprises and large corporations we accept per license departments of the order of about 100 employees.

Depending on the buyer’s domicile, additional VAT may be charged.

Our payment service provider MyCommerce Share-it offers secure online payment  in many different currencies and allows multiple payment methods including payments by Credit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfer and more.

Upon receipt of your payment, the license key will be forwarded to you by return email.


Summary: Quick Merge for Excel™+Word™

An incorrect number format when merging with Excel and Word is a known problem. Word does not display the merged numbers as formatted in Excel and makes formatting difficult. The formatting must be adapted in Word with puzzling {MERGEFIELD} formulas.
But it is much easier to use Quick Merge for Excel™+Word™ and the transfer of number formats from Excel to Word works automatically, because the merge fields in Word are inserted exactly as displayed in the Excel spreadsheet.



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