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The pixel ruler Screen Ruler 2D is offered as shareware and can be thoroughly tested free of charge for 10 days before purchase. Download the desktop ruler here in order to test all features enabling you to work efficiently and accurately.

The pixel ruler does not require any administration rights  for installation nor does the installation of the software modify your operating system.

The software and the installer are digitally signed, 100% clean and safe and do not contain any advertisement or third-party software.

If Windows blocks the installation by a security message, please select "More info" and then "Run anyway". [+/-]

Software installer
, download of executable installation file:

English Version of pixel rulerDownload English Version German Version of Pixel RulerDownload German Version 


For the latest updates view our change log.

In case Screen Ruler 2D might not meet your expectations the software can easily be uninstalled again.

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Latest Version 1.16
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